Meet King Louis & Queen Marie-Thérèse


louis-characterAbout Louis XIV

Character traits:

  • King of France
  • Repeatedly unfaithful to his wife Marie-Thérèse.
  • Considers all Protestants “heretics” and threats to his kingdom.
  • Dreams of bringing the Spanish-held Netherlands under French rule.

Since the failed rebellion against his rule that took place in his childhood, Louis trusts few people and loves less. Louis’ weakness for beautiful women drives him into the arms of Hortense-a beautiful woman with a secret past who has ambitions of her own.  Inspired by Hugo’s plot against his brother, Louis sets the ultimate test of loyalty before Antoine little suspecting that he himself is the victim of a web of intrigue that is being spun at his court of Versailles.

Famous Quote:

“I am the center of the universe. Without me, all things fall apart. So fear me! Love me! Above all, worship me for you will never see anyone or anything like me.”

About Marie-Thérèse

Character traits:

  • Queen of France but of the Spanish royal family
  • Suffers through her husband’s infidelities
  • Uses Hugo as her private confessor

Marie-Thérèse has suffered much emotionally since marrying King Louis and leaving her native land of Spain. The difference in language and culture, her introverted nature and her husband’s wandering eye conspire to make her life nothing short of misery. Hortense’s dalliance with Louis finally brings Marie-Thérèse to the breaking point and she begins to lay plans on her own.

“There is no greater pain than when a man thinks so much of himself that he betrays his wife with another woman.”