Meet Hugo and Hortense


About Hugo:

Hugo is a man of passion and relentless ambition. He has also repeatedly felt the sting of rejection by those he loved. Not content with his high status, Hugo’s complexes drive him to unleash a plot that will shake France to its core as he takes revenge and becomes the most powerful man in the kingdom.

Famous Quote:

“It is true that no man can serve two masters. Therefore each man must have only one master: his own ambition. Conscience, emotions and all else must bow to the will of ambition.”


About Hortense:

Hortense learns to play the game of life at an early age. Her beauty is the only way she can survive and she uses it to her advantage. Believing that love and power are synonymous, Hortense works her way into  Louis’ arms . All her dreams are put at risk when Hugo places her  at the heart of a diabolical plot….

Famous Quote:

Wealth, power and love are the only things worth possessing. If you have wealth, you have power and where power lies, love comes to call.”