Meet Antoine & Skyla



About Antoine 

Character Traits:

  • Twin brother to Hugo.
  • Fiercely independent.
  • Best swordsman in France.
  • Turns his back on God.

Antoine has risen to the rank of captain in King Louis’ army by the age of 25. Although he’s been raised as a Catholic, he has fallen in love with Skyla, a Protestant from the Netherlands. His brother’s treachery causes Antoine to be faced with the ultimate test of loyalty.

Famous Quote:

“I’m a soldier. Believe me when I say that the greatest weapon anyone can use is not the sword but love. One day the world will see that and it won’t need men like me anymore.”


About Skyla:

Character Traits:

  • Skyla headshotOnly surviving child of Brom van Berkij
  • Independent and strong
  • Protestant from the Netherlands

Skyla is a beautiful daughter of the Netherlands who experiences Christ in a powerful way. All her family has been killed in the last war with the French with the exception of her father. While he was away at war against the French, Skyla was raised by Johann the aged woodcutter. She falls hopelessly in love with Antoine only to discover that loving him may cost her life.

Famous Quote:

“We think we are so strong but it is only when others try to prey on our  weaknesses that we realize how frail we truly are.”