Calling all readers of Christian/historical fiction!

Bride Tree is an unforgettable fusion of romance and suspense, set in 18th century France. If you are a blogger, who enjoys reading Christian fiction and have a minium of 50 followers, I’ll be happy to send you an electronic copy of Bride Tree in exchange for your unbiased review on your blog.
Book trailer here:

Twiceborn: the Book that Will Redefine You

Limoges, France 1646.

Fire. It was the only way she could describe it. The burning tendrils of faded pleasure that still snaked across her skin. The heated passion that surged in her heart whenever she thought of his name: Arnaud.

How 3.5 seconds changed my life

I stood outside the door of her classroom, trying to leave but unable to pull away. I was going to be late if I didn’t hurry but it was alright- I knew she’d give me a pass. What she was about to say was too important to miss. I had to hear it, had to know what secrets would slip from between those crinkled lips and bury themselves into my heart.

Finally they came. Three and-a-half seconds of audible gold. “Write, Joseph,” she said. “Write to change the world.”