Manhood Monday #13: Blaze your path to success.

My high school guidance counselor has an indelible place in my memory. Unfortunately, I don’t mean that in a good way. 

I sat across from him in a small cubby that somehow functioned as an office. Dim, yellow light provided just enough light for him to find my name on his roster of students. But not even the dim light could not hide his disbelief when I told him that I wanted to finish high school early so I could  jump-start my college career and marry the girl of my dreams. 

When God is your Editor…

A few weeks ago I reviewed the edits to my debut Christian fiction novel Twiceborn and I must say that I was NOT happy. It’s amazing to me how what seems to be correct and is even accepted can be so totally against the rules of grammar. Of course I am grateful for every flaw that was pointed out because it’s all working to make my novel a success but it is humbling to realize that, despite my long experience as a writer, I make a good amount of grammatical mistakes.

Then I began to realize just how much like a manuscript our lives actually are.. ..

Three Reasons A Man Might Be Unfaithful

I have been blessed to be happily married for over a decade but I realize that there are millions of couples who have not enjoyed the benefits of a lasting, faithful marriage. In my historical christian fiction novel Twiceborn I examine the effects of infidelity in married couples but over the next three posts I would like to identify compelling causes for infidelity on the part of men and strategies that women can use to fight back.

Twiceborn: the Book that Will Redefine You

Limoges, France 1646.

Fire. It was the only way she could describe it. The burning tendrils of faded pleasure that still snaked across her skin. The heated passion that surged in her heart whenever she thought of his name: Arnaud.