Together Tuesday #4: “Love is blind but marriage is…?”

Before you know it, the cute couple who stared lovingly into each others eyes for hours on end has been transformed into a diabolical duo who glare, shout and point accusing fingers at each other. 
But it doesn’t have to be this way.

When God is your Editor…

A few weeks ago I reviewed the edits to my debut Christian fiction novel Twiceborn and I must say that I was NOT happy. It’s amazing to me how what seems to be correct and is even accepted can be so totally against the rules of grammar. Of course I am grateful for every flaw that was pointed out because it’s all working to make my novel a success but it is humbling to realize that, despite my long experience as a writer, I make a good amount of grammatical mistakes.

Then I began to realize just how much like a manuscript our lives actually are.. ..