Interview with JP Robinson

Fiction Aficionado

Way back in May, I did a Top Ten Tuesday post that talked about some of the things I wanted to see more of in Christian fiction. (You can read that post here.) Number three on that list was non-US historical fiction, particularly European historical fiction, which is one of the reasons I’m excited to introduce you to my guest today. You could say he’s making my wish come true, because the book we’re discussing today is set in 17th Century France!

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Together Tuesday #13: Resolving differences of opinion (peacefully)

No matter how much you love your spouse there will be moments where you disagree. Sometimes it's over the smallest things and sometimes it's over major obstacles. But regardless of the reason for your disagreements, there is a peaceful and helpful system that can diffuse things before they go too far. I call it the …

Manhood Monday #13: Blaze your path to success.

My high school guidance counselor has an indelible place in my memory. Unfortunately, I don't mean that in a good way.  I sat across from him in a small cubby that somehow functioned as an office. Dim, yellow light provided just enough light for him to find my name on his roster of students. But not even the dim light could not hide his disbelief when I told him that I wanted to finish high school early so I could  jump-start my college career and marry the girl of my dreams.