Antoine is Hugo de Limoge’s twin—a fact that he regrets with every breath he takes. At only twenty-five, Antoine has obtained the rank of captain in King Louis XIV’s armed forces.

Although he’s been raised as a Catholic, he has fallen in love with Skyla, a Protestant from the Netherlands. In a country rife with religious persecution and intolerance, his feelings could mean the destruction of all he holds dear.Complicating things still further is the fact that Louis is about to invade Skyla’s country and is counting on Antoine to lead his army to victory.

Meanwhile Hugo plots his brother’s downfall and his own rise to glory. Tears will fall, blood will flow and, in the end, only one man will remain standing.

Famous quote:

“I’m a soldier. Believe me when I say that the greatest weapon anyone can use is not the sword but love. One day the world will see that and it won’t need men like me anymore.”                                                                  -Antoine

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