Is Christ @ the center of your marriage?

My wife and I recently celebrated 13 wonderful years of marriage. That’s not to say that we haven’t argued (believe me, we have) or had times where situations left us emotionally floundering.

But it’s been wonderful, not only because of our mutual love and respect for one another, but because of the incredible Person who is at the center of it all—Jesus Christ.

An emotional center is like an anchor to a ship on a stormy sea. The ship survives because the anchor itself is strong enough to keep it from being blown about by the winds.

Likewise, a successful marriage isn’t storm-free, but it remains stable despite the storms because of its center, or anchor.

That anchor needs to be Christ.

A marriage can only truly be counted a success when the living Word influences everything that is done. Too often couples make parenting, careers or even religion the center of their marriage. While these can be worthy goals, they are simply not strong enough to hold you together.

Professing Christians fill the divorce courts just as much as non-believers. We must ask ourselves then: what’s wrong?  The answer is, quite simply, that Christ is not the anchor.

There is no room for pornography or abuse if Jesus is the center of your marriage. When Christ comes into your marriage bed, there’s no room for adultery. When Jesus influences your speech, He removes the tendency to complain about your spouse.

A woman who make Christ the center of her marriage doesn’t feel threatened by submitting to her husband. Likewise, a man who makes Christ the center of his marriage, doesn’t feel the need to disrespect or mistreat his wife.

You’re both human and won’t always live up to these standards, but, when Christ is at the center, He brings the strength to forgive and move on.

I challenge both husbands and wives to make the God of the Bible the center your marriage. Only then will you be truly build a successful marriage.

Love fearlessly,

JP Robinson


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