How to Make Time for Love #2

Time often squeezes the life out of a marriage. In my first post on this subject, I showed how technology can help “keep you connected” despite busy lifestyles. Here’s another idea: create short weekly “stay-at-home-aways.” 

My wife and I set aside thirty minutes each Monday night to spend quality time together. It’s on her cell phone and mine with reminders! We start at 8:30 p.m. after the kids are in bed and, because it’s just 30 minutes, it’s a time commitment that’s workable for both of us before turning in.

The point is that spending time together can be in short manageable chunks that work for both of you. Having kids doesn’t mean that your romance goes out the window; it just means you need to readjust.

Dates don’t have to be expensive at all—frankly, most of ours are free. We might play a board game or color together… or just sit and talk over tea.

Make time for your marriage; it’s worth it.

Love fearlessly,




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