Together Tuesday: Money + Love= Happy Marriage

Money matters. We all know it, but too few couples are open to fully involving their spouse in the financial aspect of their marriage. This is dangerous.

There is nothing as devastating to a marriage as a lack of trust. Think about it:

If you can trust your spouse with your heart, you should also trust your spouse with your wallet.

No matter where you are on the marriage timeline (pre or post-nuptials), be sure to establish a pattern of complete transparency. I encourage couples to have joint bank accounts to which both husband and wife have online/paper access.

Discuss business or financial plans, ideas or even worries with your spouse, making him/her feel a part of the conversation. Most of you may know that I support a Biblical view of marriage, meaning the husband is the head of the home. However, that doesn’t mean that a wife shouldn’t be given the chance to voice her thoughts about financial decisions.

Make it a point to give each other room to engage in loving, respectful dialogue and both husband and wife will take yet another step toward creating a happy, fulfilling marriage.

Love fearlessly,



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