Wisdom Wednesday: Beware the Beauty

With much seductive speech she persuades him; with her smooth talk she compels him.

—Proverbs 7:21 ESV

Delilah. Jezebel. Salome. Though these femmes fatales lived millennia apart, their names echo in the halls of the notorious. Why? Their beauty seduced kings and altered the fate of nations.

Unfortunately, these deadly females are still with us. Their daughters roam the streets in shorts and tight clothes, marketing themselves on the beaches in bikinis and thongs while wreaking havoc in the lives of those who yield to temptation.

Too many preachers, afraid of losing their popularity, refrain from addressing these issues. And in a world that grows more permissive by the hour, anyone who speaks against these sinful lifestyles is socially ostracized or silenced.

But the Bible is not silent. 

God’s word gives us advice on every aspect of life: friends, marriage, sex and more. The Book of Proverbs holds stern warnings for men, telling us that beauty alone cannot be trusted.

Nothing is wrong with being good looking but it should not be the basis for any relationship. A beautiful woman without a strong moral character is a danger to every man she meets.

Don’t let lust blind you to what lies underneath. Beware the beauty and look for character.

As a woman, be sure that you’re not falling for the social “sex appeal” trap. Many women feel insecure because they are bombarded with a litany of perfect, scantily-clad figures on movie screens and other forms of media. Don’t try to conform to that image but let God mold in you a beautiful character that will remain with you when all other forms of beauty fade.

Live wisely,



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