Together Tuesday: How to make time for love #1

We need to stay connected with our spouse to avoid bigger relationship problems, such as an emotional disconnect. Think about it: you spend 40+ hours a week with your job but probably about ten with your spouse. If you have kids, you can cut that number in half!

You’ll never find time but you can make time. Each Tuesday this month, I’ll introduce a quick way to do just that.

Today’s tip is:  use your cell phone. How?

  • Send a few “I’m thinking about you” texts throughout the day when it’s appropriate to do so. Or you can get perky and send something more scintillating!
  • Call your spouse when on lunch or on break.
  • Take a picture of something you know your spouse likes (besides yourself) and send it to him/her with a short caption attached.

We’re all busy but making the time to show your spouse he/she’s on your mind is worth it.

Love relentlessly,





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