Together Tuesday: Are you a team?

The World Cup can teach us quite a bit about… marriage. Seriously! Every professional soccer player out there knows that it’s all about the team not the individual. They know, trust and depend on their team mates to put on a stellar performance.

One of the most essential truths that each couple needs to master is that they are on the same side. Sometimes, when arguments and emotions get the better of us, it’s hard to keep that fact in sight. We end up pulling the ball from one another instead of working together to score a goal for the “home” team.  But, if we dare to move past our emotions we’ll realize that in marriage there is no  “my side” or “your side” just… “our side.”

When couples fight, each spouse is focusing on his/her feelings instead of the feelings of the marriage as a whole. When we make decisions without considering the opinions of our spouse (husband or wife), we send a silent message: “I’ve got this” instead of “We’ve got this.”

I firmly believe that Scripture places the man as the head of his home, but that doesn’t imply that a wife’s feelings about a topic shouldn’t be taken into consideration. After all, I know that my feelings matter to the Lord and I share them with Him constantly when in prayer. Christ may not do what I desire, and a husband sometimes has to make decisions that go against his wife’s wishes, but it should all be done with love and mutual respect.

In like manner,  couples should prayerfully discuss difficult situations, remembering that creating and sustaining a successful marriage is a team effort.

It took both of you to make a couple at the altar. It takes both of you to make a marriage.

Love selflessly,



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