Together Tuesday: 3 things every husband needs to say

Saying “I love you” is a given so we’re not even going to discuss that one. This Together Tuesday, I’m targeting the husbands, so ladies,  just relax and enjoy!

  1. Verbalize her importance to you:

    In your own way, tell and show your spouse that she’s really a meaningful part of your life (think beyond the cooking, dishes and sex). Maybe take a few minutes before hand to think about all the intrinsic areas of your life that your spouse affects. Don’t just wait for your anniversary or Mother’s day. You’re married 365 days of the year, right? So tell her on those “non-commerical” occasions!
  2. Express your obsession with her beauty: 
    In our world, wives have to compete with scantily-clad models on television, magazines, your coworkers… and the internet. Make sure your wife knows that your eyes are on her only. Do things that show your attraction to her. Don’t just tell her she’s beautiful… show her. 
  3. Emphasize your relationship’s value:
    Reassure your wife that you value your relationship. A marriage is a priceless work of art, perfected by a man and woman who are committed to staying together despite the flaws that may blemish the painting. Never let anything undermine the beauty of what you and your spouse are creating… together.

Ladies, I’d love to hear what else the guys should be saying. Please share in the comments below. Thanks!

Live inspired,

JP Robinson.

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