How to be a happy Christian parent

It’s tough being a parent. Being a Christian parent is even tougher. Every good parent is no doubt concerned with school violence, drug abuse etc.. but for us the struggle goes on to include radically shifting social attitudes, school curriculum designed to tear down the faith we’re fighting to instill in our kids and a litany of other negative influences.

At times, the pressure can seem overwhelming but I’d like to remind you of three simple truths that should help you straighten your shoulders and brighten your smile.

  1. They were God’s child before they became yours: 
    The Bible tells us that all life comes from God. He is the author of it and knows every step that we take. Surely, if we are concerned with the details of our children’s lives, our Heavenly Father that watches over each sparrow is into the details of the lives of our kids. Keep praying. Keep waiting. Keep believing that your children will have their own experience with God that will transform their lives.
  2. Nothing is ever wasted:

    The book of Proverbs teaches that a child may go away from truth, but the truth will never go away from a child. (Prov. 22:6). It’s unlikely that Jochabed lived to see Moses deliver his people from slavery. But the time she invested nurturing faith in the true God paid off when he–at 80 years old by the way– stormed into Egypt, equipped with the power of God. Believe that the time you invest in your child is somehow affecting their heart, creating a bedding ground that Christ can use to show His miraculous power.

  3. Your child is “working on his/her testimony.” 
    I once heard a song that focused on how a prodigal child is developing their own testimony. We read about the prostitute “Woman at the Well” whose life was transformed by 5 minutes in Christ’s presence. I wonder how her parents, if they were still living, felt about their daughter’s lifestyle? She obviously grew up in a religious home as evidenced by her knowledge of the Scriptures but yet chose a path that led her into the arms of six different men (husbands). 

    There’s no doubt that she made the wrong choice but, the truth is that we see God’s power to transform so much more clearly because of the mistakes she made. Yes, God saves and keeps many from evil and I’m so thankful for that. But it’s also true that those who come to Him after having traveled shadowy paths have a testimony that only God can produce.
    So, if you’re tempted to give up just smile and say “He’s working on his testimony!”

    I hope this helps someone out there. If it does, send a comment my way.

    Yours because of Calvary,

    JP Robinson

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