God’s got a plan

It must have been really difficult for John to understand why the Man who claimed to be the Messiah was hanging naked on a cross, screaming in agony as He died. Perhaps he didn’t understand the impact of those immortal words, “It is finished”. But although the power of Calvary eluded the disciples, the fact remained that God had a purpose for the pain.

2,000 years later, as we once again approach the Easter season, I’d like to emphasize that the God, who had a purpose in allowing his Son to die as an apparent failure, also has a purpose in current world events.

Our world has rejected God’s gift of love, spitting upon His Word and mocking the precious life that It offers. Unbelievers and politicians have worked to ban It from public places, trading truth for political correctness. Agnostics and media outlets have mocked Its power while churches have watered down Its message. But God has a plan.

The clamor that surrounds our world should not discourage the true believer; it should inspire us. Let us remember that the story did not end with Christ’s death. Neither does the story end with a second crucifixion of the Word. Just after Good Friday came the greatest triumph the world ever saw—Easter Sunday.

Let every Christian refuse discouragement and lift up their head because soon… we shall rise.

JP Robinson


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