Together Tuesday #20: Be Wise

Every wise woman builds her house: but the foolish plucks it down with her hands. Proverbs 14:1 AKJV

In an unusual twist, this “Together Tuesday” post is dedicated to one half of the marriage: the woman. Needless to say, there’s an unseen war that’s raging against the family structure as God ordained it in the Garden of Eden (a man and woman united by the bonds of marriage). The casualties of this war are the unwed mothers, the children of divorcees and a litany of others.

The Bible tells us that a woman can either build up a family (house) or tear it down. This places a ton of responsibility on a wife’s shoulders.

Her actions will either strengthen or weaken the bonds that hold the family together.

Today, many women sneer at the wife who chooses to remain at home in order to better meet the needs of her husband and children but I argue that this woman is doing the most important work of all! There are times that staying at home is not possible, but if it can be done… why not do it?

Contemporary American society paints the successful female as the woman  who is a CEO, lawyer or perhaps politically involved. We ignore the price tag that too often accompanies this type of lifestyle. What’s the cost to her marriage? To the time spent with her children? When retirement comes and she is replaced on the job by a younger individual, how strong will the “house” of her family be?

We ingrain the idea in our children’s minds that a “good” family structure is one in which Girl Building Housea wife returns from the stress of a job to face the stress of the “second shift”: cleaning and household tasks. This might be popular but  is it this wise?

Despite the chaos, there is a ray of hope: if a woman is wise—that is, depending on God not on her education, career, intelligence or personality traits—she will be able to strengthen the family bonds. Unlike the “foolish” woman who follows lust, Hollywood  and other emotionally devastating trends, the wise woman will build up a house that will be founded upon a rock and will endure the test of time.

Think about it: are you a “wise” woman?

JP Robinson

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