The End-Times

The signs are all around us: violence, extreme immorality, blatant homosexuality—every warning that God’s Bible predicts is walking the streets shouting that the destruction of the world and the return of Christ are near.

So here’s my question:

What are YOU doing about it?

The Bible says in Revelations 19, that the Lamb’s “wife hath made herself ready.” What a straightforward reminder that we’ve got to make sure we’re filled with the Holy Spirit and living  a life that pleases God! It’s not our pastor’s job to prepare us, nor is it even God’s job: that falls to you and me.

God gives us one method to prepare. It doesn’t fall under the confines of a specific church, organization or political party. Those who will escape the wrath of God are the ones who walk in harmony with with His Word.

Here are a couple Scriptures to think about. Compare them to what’s on the news or in your neighborhood. Matthew 24 gives a vivid snapshot of what to expect but so do a myriad of other passages.

  1. Increased “Natural” disasters (Matt. 24:6b)
  2. Global population increase (Luke 17:26, Gen 6:1)
  3. Loss of sexual morals, coupled with feminism.  (Gen 6:1-3, Isaish 3:11-26, Luke 17:26-27)
  4. Blatant homosexuality (Luke 17:28-29, Gen. 19)

A close study of Scripture really brings out that we are… in the end times. But what a consolation that knowledge brings to the true believer! For us we should “lift up our heads” knowing that our redemption is very close.


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