Has True Love Become A Myth?

bride tree EBOOKIn Bride Tree, the second installment of my thrilling series Secrets of Versailles,  one of the lead protagonists makes a powerful observation.
The truest form of devotion is to love the most when we are hurt the worst. —Philippe, Bride Tree.
In a time where humanity appears to have forgotten the essential principles of commitment and fidelity, it is important to remember that each day offers us the chance to prove that love—real love—still exists.
Every day, God shows us the value of Philippe’s words. The Scripture says that:
He makes the sun rise on both good and bad people. And he sends rain for the ones who do right and for the ones who do wrong, (Matt. 5:45 ESV).
We can apply this concept to our own unique situations.  It is easier to slam the door in the face of someone who is hurting you than to love them, but that is the essence of love. It goes beyond the pain of the situation to seek the other person’s welfare.
If your child is estranged, don’t give up. Reach out and go beyond your pain to show more love. If your efforts at saving your  marriage seem to be unsuccessful, love on anyhow. After all, that’s what God does every day.
For more information about Bride Tree, visit my website: www.BrideTreeBook.com
JP Robinson

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