Together Tuesday #18 Learn your spouse

So you’ve survived the pressure of planning a wedding, maybe have a a few years of married life under your belt. Congratulations! As we near Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d ask a simple question: “how well do you know your spouse?” The one thing that many people don’t consider when starting a lifelong relationship is that your spouse is the most important study you’ll ever undertake.

Marriage is the most important relationship you could ever have. You’re with the same person, day after day, year after year. Some might be tempted to say that the lack of variety is boring, but that’s really not the case. Marriage gives us the unique opportunity to truly learn another person in a way that no one else will. Each party has to be willing to learn everything possible about the other. Ask yourself: which way does my husband/wife like the toilet paper (fringe up or down)? Does it matter if the toothpaste is on the left side of the bathroom sink or the right?

Beyond the hundreds of idiosyncrasies that make us human, look into your spouse’s emotional traits. Devote time to understanding what makes him/her the person that you love. Believe me, time spent learning your spouse is time well invested.

JP Robinson



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