Together Tuesday# 17: The true beauty of sex.

There’s one book of the Bible that practically no minister preaches from. Ever. If you’re thinking Chronicles, think again. Song of Solomon (also called Song of Songs) is probably the book that most people talk about in hushed undertones, if they talk about it at all.

Why? Because this books gives us a  clear picture of the true beauty of sex as God intended it and the vividness can make us uncomfortable. I’d like  to devote the next three “Together Tuesday” posts to different aspects of sex  but, before going further,  I must say that I only condone intimacy between husband and wife (man and woman) as God’s Word instructs. Sex outside of marriage (one man and one woman) is totally out of the will of God and should never happen among Christians as per Ephesians 5:3.  See my post on “Bible in the dresser, condoms in the drawer” for more on that topic.

Sex in marriage should be one of the greatest expressions of love. It’s power goes far beyond stimulating the senses. Sex, or more appropriately, making love, unites husband and wife both physically and spiritually. Be sure to incorporate the following elements into your sex life.

1.) View it as something sacred that you share ONLY with your spouse. Tell your spouse how special lovemaking is to you and be sure that he/she understands its value.

2.)_ Be open to trying new things with your spouse but be sure to take his/her feelings into consideration. Remember: love is at the heart of lovemaking, and in order for its true beauty to shine, sex has to be done with your spouse’s feelings in mind.

3.)  Verbally express admiration for your spouse. This should be done continuously (not just when making love). Tell your spouse how much you love him/her and what you love about him/her. Taking time to admire each other sends constant signals that: “you’re on my mind.”

Song of Solomon shows us the power of a passionate relationship. Our physical intimacy with our spouse reflects the beauty of God’s spiritual intimacy with us. Watch for more on that next week when I write about “The true spirituality of sex.”

Thanks for reading! Please share your thoughts below.

JP Robinson




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