2 Timothy 1:7

Fear is all around us. Our governments, military branches and even churches are feeling its torrid bite. As a world we are on the brink of annihilation. Hollywood and the internet are destroying the morals of society at a rapid pace. Worst of all, we have turned our back on God.

The gloom that surrounds us  makes the Scripture’s admonition even more relevant. Now is the time for us to follow in the footprints of our spiritual ancestors—those seemingly reckless men and women who defied religious leaders, lions dens and emperors. Now is the time for us to light up the darkness by becoming blazing torches in the hands of God.

The pressure to keep silent about the Gospel message is as great now as it ever was. But we are admonished to break the chains of fear by the Spirit’s power within.

Today, do whatever scares you  most. Face down fear by bringing God’s word to the forefront of your actions. Let your faith be the foundation for all you do and make fear afraid of you. 

JP Robinson



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