Together Tuesday: The 3 Best Ways to Kill Your Marriage #2

The second marriage assassin is disrespect. Rev W.M. Branham once said that

“a good wife is the best gift God could ever give a man outside of salvation.”

While this statement may seem to put the spotlight on women, it actually involves both spouses. A wife should act in a way that her husband feels she is the best gift to her husband outside of salvation and a husband should treat his wife as though she were exactly that.

In both cases, there will be a lot of respect going around. Our society portrays the Biblical instructions of feminine submission in marriage as though it were the worst thing on earth when, in reality, it sets a wife up for unprecedented honor by her husband.

Conversely, when a husband really understands that his wife is a gift from God and she lives up to that standard, it makes him want to do whatever possible to keep her happy.

Escape the marriage killer called disrespect. Wives, be the gift that God called you to be. Husbands, recognize and treat her for what she really is: a treasure from God walking next to you each and every day.

JP Robinson


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