“Don’t worry guys, God can stop the rain!”

A little over a week ago our church held a kids event around the theme of Pilgrim’s Progress on my property.

We built a Slough of Despond, a prison for Doubting Castle, designed a gauntlet for a massive paint-balloon fight with Apollyon and built a castle-like archway for a candy-filled Celestial City!

Needless to say, the kids were all  super-excited but, although the weather forecast called for clear skies, on the actual day of the event we had a slow, steady rain that seemed like it would last the whole day.

I remember my eight-year-old daughter looking outside with slumped shoulders and saying “Aw, now we can’t have our kids day.” But just at that moment, her four-year-old brother jumped up and said:

“Don’t worry guys, God can stop the rain!”

I smiled and told them to go and pray about it, and in my  heart I said that God just had to hear the kids prayers-especially after that bold statement of faith by Stephen.

Well, the rain continued throughout the whole morning but, a few hours before the event was to start ….it stopped. The sun came out and dried up the ground and we had a blast!

The weather forecast went on to call for thunderstorms according to my wife, but none came in our area. To me, it was a reason to thank God and a small tribute to the faith of a little child.

The greater lesson that I learned is one that I hope will encourage every Christian parent out there. Sometimes it seems as though our kids aren’t hearing/learning the lessons we try to teach them but this situation showed me how wrong that thinking is.

They are seeing. They are learning. And we need to be so careful to put the right lessons before them, not only by our words, but by the way we live.

Thanks for reading!

JP Robinson


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