Together Tuesday #13: Resolving differences of opinion (peacefully)

No matter how much you love your spouse there will be moments where you disagree. Sometimes it’s over the smallest things and sometimes it’s over major obstacles. But regardless of the reason for your disagreements, there is a peaceful and helpful system that can diffuse things before they go too far.

I call it the 3 Step Rule.

1. What’s best for God?

Which one of you is proposing a plan that is in the best interests of your faith and spiritual development?

2. What’s best for your family?

This requires you to think outside of your own feelings and systematically or objectively determine which opinion will best serve the needs of your family.

Normally couples don’t need to go to step 3 there are times where both couples feel that their opinion is in the best interest of the family. That’s where step 3 comes in.

3. What keeps the peace?

Here you need to decide what other factors can be adjusted so that can both come to bed at the end of the day without an argument on your mind or in your heart. You may need to compromise in order to do this. Flip a coin. Decide who’s giving up their point of view for the greater good which is a peaceful, harmonious marriage.

The next time there’s a disagreement it’s the other party’s turn to compromise.

Hopefully this helps you resolve differences in a peaceful way so that you can enjoy your marriage together.

JP Robinson


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