Manhood Monday#11: Lion vs. Mouse

imageslion mousefor post_article_largeAre you a lion or a mouse?You’re probably thinking something along the lines of “that’s a strange question.” And you’re right. But it’s one that I hope will get you thinking (and…keep you reading!)

Lions are known for their courage and strength while mice just run away when danger threatens. A male lion puts his strength to good use when an enemy threatens those who need him and that’s what I’d like to focus on: standing up for those who need us.

Not long ago, my daughter told me that her brother joined a group of boys on the bus in teasing her on the way home from school. He and I had a long talk about that, with the heart of our discussion revolving around a man’s obligation to willingly put ourselves at risk by supporting and defending those that need us.

Our world has created an image where men are no longer responsible for standing up for the family. In so doing, we have created a society that is more emotionally vulnerable. Siblings aren’t sure that their older brother will back them up when they’re bullied. Wives are too often uncertain that their husbands will be there when most needed.

From my observations, the general trend is that each person tries to muddle through life on his/her own. Bu think: when someone shouts “every man for his own self!” in military settings is that a good thing? Like an army,  societies function better when the individual members know that they have a duty to stand up for their comrades.

I’m not saying that wives, sisters, brothers etc… shouldn’t also be strong, but there’s something really powerful about knowing that someone else has got your back.

As a 21st century man, you need  to have enough courage to stand up for those who are counting on you and to make sure that everyone you meet knows it.

So…back to my question: are you the kind of man that, like the lion, stands up for his pride or are you the mouse who protects himself by scurrying into some dark hole, waiting until the danger is gone?

I hope that the next time someone you love is threatened, that you’ll stick out your chest, open your mouth and roar!

JP Robinson

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