Together Tuesday #8: Remember when…?

7042469Paris. September 2005. My wife and I were on our honeymoon and had just spent an awesome afternoon near the Eiffel Tower. We had to take the metro back to our hotel and, wrongfully assumed that it ran 24 hours. We were standing in line for a hot dog, and was just about to place my order, when somehow I found out that the LAST metro for our area was leaving in about 5 minutes.

Panic. Sheer panic. 

We dashed out the line and scrambled the seemingly endless distance to the metro, making it in literally JUST as the doors were closing.

Now, as I write this, there’s a smile on my face and I realize that many of the best memories in a couple’s life are those unplanned, chaotic moments that leave an indelible imprint on our conscience. Treasure those times. Every so often, sit on the couch with your spouse and start off the conversation…”remember when…?”

Maybe it was your first dinner together and the stove caught on fire. Or maybe you were still dating and realize that your forgot your wallet at home. Whatever your chaotic moment, stop now and then and reminisce.

Have comments or memories that you’d like to throw in? Please type below.

JP Robinson

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