Manhood Monday #5: Gratitude Counts

So the other day I turned on my phone and saw that T-mobile sent me a free pizza, GetThankedNRTile_tcthanking me for being their client. Hey-I was happy.  Family dinner was served! The point is, they were showing their gratitude my business (and making a smart marketing pitch).

There’s something about human beings that loves being thanked. I don’t know what it is, but it’s important. We feel good when someone else shows appreciation for an action that we’ve done for them.

Take that trend over into your relationships. Thank those who impact your life on a daily basis.

Don’t just take your wife’s cleaning of the house for granted-show her it means something by telling her “thank you.”

Your mom still cooking your dinner? Hey-she didn’t have to.  Tell and show her that you appreciate the sacrifice.

Family still keeps in touch? Tell them how much it means to you.

Don’t wait for birthdays or anniversaries to show you care. It’s the unexpected moments that mean the most. 

We are all indebted to others in big ways and small. Take a few minutes to show how much their efforts mean to you.

-JP Robinson

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