Become the world’s best F-A-T-H-E-R.

There’s nothing as important as a father. As we approach Father’s Day weekend, I wanted to identify six traits that the best father’s show on a daily basis. This is what I saw expressed in my dad’s life and what I try to show my children. Hopefully it’ll inspire other men to raise the standard of fatherhood across our world.


It’s critical that your children see the bond of fidelity between yourself and your spouse. As an educator and social worker I know that infidelity devastates young lives as well as marriages. The temptation can be great, but the price is even greater.


The best fathers show that they appreciate the small things done by their kids and wife. Thank your wife in front of the kids for the work she does around the house every day. Give your kids a special hug each morning and tell them they’re special; that you appreciate them.

T- Tough:

Let’s face it. Being a dad isn’t always love and hugs. Sometimes we men have to unleash our inner tough guy and discipline our children, eliminate a threat to our family or set higher standards for ourselves or our kids. Don’t be afraid to draw a line in the sand but be sure that whatever you do is setting an example that your kids should follow.

H- Hero:

Heroes don’t wear capes- they talk to their kids. Be the kind of dad that your kids can come to with homework problems, emotional hurts or anything life throws their way. Be the guy that gets things done and doesn’t lay about on the couch watching movies. Help your wife out around the house and show your kids that you’re a team player. Lead and make decisions that will help your family thrive.

E-Eternal Life. 

With your help your kids received natural life. But the best of dads point their kids to Jesus Christ who alone gives Eternal Life. Spend time in the Bible with your kids. Every day, nurture their faith, not only by the words you say, but by the way you live.  I’m a Christian today in large part because of the way I saw God move in my father’s life. Think about the impact you can have on the next generation!

R- Real

Perfect dads are hard to find. Really, really hard. The simple truth is that men have to be willing to be what I call “real.” When you stumble, don’t cover it up. Make it right and grow. Be human but always strive to make yourself better tomorrow than you are today.

My father always told me, “wherever you are, I am because you’re a part of me.”  To me, those words encapsulate everything I’ve written about above. He’s no longer with us but everyday I live, I am grateful for a man who was a real F-A-T-H-E-R.

Thanks Dad and Happy Father’s day!

JP Robinson

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  1. Your words are so true and sadly too many “male sperm donors” or just that and not a Father or a glad that mine was a true “Father/Dad” he was truly my hero ~ thank you for sharing


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