Together Tuesday #4: “Love is blind but marriage is…?”

You’ve probably heard the saying “Love is blind but marriage is a real eye-opener.” TheXGltYWdlc1xjb250ZW50XHV5cDB0Z2Y2cm1fbG92ZXVyaHVzYmFuZC5qcGd8MzAw point is that we are quick to  turn a blind eye to the faults of the person we love during the dating/courtship phase but after the first year or so of marriage, the things that we once overlooked tend to become glaring eyesores that seem to pop up in front of us wherever we turn.

He leaves his socks/underwear on the bedroom floor. She’s never ready on time and you’re always late for important meetings.

Before you know it, the cute couple who stared lovingly into each others eyes for hours on end has been transformed into a diabolical duo who glare, shout and point accusing fingers at each other.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Each couple possesses the ability to rewrite the quote so that your marriage draws you closer together instead of driving apart.

Let’s face it: every husband/wife on the planet has quirks that their spouse doesn’t like. That’s part of the joy of being unique! The key is to take your spouse’s negative traits in tandem with the good.

Don’t let her backseat driving make you lose sight of the beauty of her voice. Don’t let his hogging the remote control steal from the joy of spending quality time together.

Intimate Couple

Acknowledge your spouse’s faults but focus on his/her virtues. True, he might still have his socks on the floor but when you need help fixing something around the house you know that he’s there for you.  She might still make you late for important meetings but she’s stick with you when everyone else leaves you out in the cold.

Focus on what really counts and you’ll see your spouse in a whole new light!

-JP Robinson

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