When God is your Editor…

A few weeks ago I reviewed the edits to my debut Christian fiction novel Twiceborn and I must say that I was NOT happy. It’s amazing to me how what seems to be correct and is even accepted can be so totally against the rules of grammar. Of course I am grateful for every flaw that was pointed out because it’s all working to make my novel a success but it is humbling to realize that, despite my long experience as a writer, I make a good amount of grammatical mistakes.

Then I began to realize just how much like a manuscript our lives actually are. How

A minister looks up to God while holding the bible

many times have we said “Oh, I’m sorry I said/did that!” or conversely, “why did I leave that out? I should’ve explained what I meant!”

Our lives are flawed in many ways and, all too often, we overlook our mistakes because others see our actions as acceptable.

But just because something is accepted doesn’t mean that it is according to the rules of grammar OR the rules of God. 

The good thing is that God does give us the chance to “amend” our manuscript of life. We can’t delete parts of it (although we wish we could), but we can go back and make thing right. Each day, God gives us another chance to  “rewrite” scenes of our lives by confessing, apologizing and working to heal those whom we have wounded. Each moment is a chance to clarify our words by making a phone call or visiting someone to explain.

We may not like the editing process; I certainly didn’t. The work was tedious and hard, much like it might seem difficult to fix a broken relationship by saying, “I’m sorry.” It took time-something that everyone is short on. But in the end, I had a manuscript that I am proud to call my own.

MBB010God points out the flaws in our life through a myriad of ways: the Bible itself, a friend, pastor or spiritual guide. Sometimes nature itself shows us humans where we need to grow. The question is: what will you do when you are confronted by your own humanity? Will you run and hide from the obvious, justifying your actions with the cliché “everyone’s doing it?” Or will you put out the effort that’s needed to transform a mediocre manuscript into a masterpiece?

Let God be the editor of your life. The results are worth it!

-JP Robinson

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  1. I actually dislike hearing that comment : “Everyone is doing it. ”
    Does it mean that because an idea, immodest fashion trend, sex in the movies, lifestyle or action is widely accepted make it right?
    We all make mistakes and often stumble, however, may we not walk in error with our eyes wide open.

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