Why I Pray for My Kids

They’re out there every day; little soldiers facing a world that is devoted to their destruction. Unseen enemy arrows zip by them like fiery darts hour after hour, in school, on the bus, on the playground and in the stores.

Who are they?

My children. My future. My world. 

As a Christian parent, raising kids in an America that has turned its back on God is quite a challenge. In our schools, my kids will have to face evolutionary teachings, students and teachers who support gay rights and the pressures to “fit in” when God wants them to “stand out.”

I have only one refuge, one consolation and that is prayer. I firmly believe that the power of prayer will keep my children on the spiritual battlefield. Each prayer uttered is a brick in a wall of defense that I know God is building around them. Each time we talk about Jesus, I am pouring in cement to hold the bricks together.

Sometimes it seems as though the enemy is too strong.

Every day there are horror stories about fatal drug addictions, school violence and teen 1462471207-iwo-jimapregnancies. But, like the American heroes of Iwo Jima, we all must press through the constant barrage of negativity and focus on the prize: raising Christian children who are able to raise the standard over the onslaught of evil.

One day my children will have to fight alone. But by that time, they will be surrounded by an impenetrable barrier of prayer raised by a father whose love for them drives him to his knees.

That is why I will not stop praying. That is why I will not stop believing. That is why THEY will win. 

-JP Robinson



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