Together Tuesday #2: Express your love!

Imagine a marriage in which neither the man or woman says “I love you.” Ever. 

I hope that you’re joining me in thinking “That is just sad” because if you are, you’re totally correct.

While this example is a bit extreme, it underscores the fact that a marriage in which neither party continues to verbalize their love, the relationship can quickly become stale and…just sad.

This week, make the time to tell your spouse each day just what they mean to you.

Then challenge yourself by going beyond just “I love you” to something more original…more you!

Whatever you say to your spouse, don’t let a single day go by without telling him/her how much you care. The results are definitely worth it!



  1. Great post and also great reminder! I think husbands and wives need to do this more often. I remember a compliment my husband paid me years ago because it was so unlike anything he had ever said before. It left me speechless!


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