When God is your Editor…

A few weeks ago I reviewed the edits to my debut Christian fiction novel Twiceborn and I must say that I was NOT happy. It's amazing to me how what seems to be correct and is even accepted can be so totally against the rules of grammar. Of course I am grateful for every flaw that was pointed out because it's all working to make my novel a success but it is humbling to realize that, despite my long experience as a writer, I make a good amount of grammatical mistakes. Then I began to realize just how much like a manuscript our lives actually are.. ..

Why I Pray for My Kids

They're out there every day; little soldiers facing a world that is devoted to their destruction. Unseen enemy arrows zip by them like fiery darts hour after hour, in school, on the bus, on the playground and in the stores. Who are they? My children. My future. My world.