3 Reasons Men Need to Read the Bible

The Bible. It means “the Book” and it is the one Book that every man needs to read. Here are three reasons why.

1. Positive Role Models:

The influence of a role model-positive or negative-cannot be denied. As our world becomes saturated by young boys without a true father-figure to inspire them, society has become gripped in a vicious circle of lost boys-turned-confused men; men who, in many cases, cannot inspire their sons to follow in their footsteps because their own road has led them places no one desires to walk. The Bible offers boys and men a litany of positive male role models who can fill that gap.

2. Leadership Strategies:

Following up on the idea of role models is the need for male leadership. Our culture has become dominated by female assertion and, while that can have certain positive impacts, men have been lost in the shuffle of political correctness. This lack of balance has created a generation of men who have neither the desire or the knowledge on how to A minister looks up to God while holding the biblelead. When faced with challenges both within and without the home, the modern man is often incapable of “manning up” to the responsibility and the effects are devastating on both a personal and societal level.  The Bible gives us delineated examples of men who have stepped up to the challenge of their day as well as great advice on how to make, cultivate and sustain a variety of relationships. (See the Book of Proverbs for more on that).

3. Focus

After reading much study on non-Judaeo-Christian religions, I remain convinced that the

Bible is the only Book that offers a clear, purposeful focus for humanity. While it is definitely true that the Bible offers both men and women direction, as this article is dedicated to the male gender I will go further to say that it offers a clear focus for a boy/man’s life.

Relationships, sex, finances, health and the myriad of other factors that comprise a man’s life come into sharp focus when viewed through the lens of the Bible. Without this lens we actually lose sight of what a man’s life should look like.

Action step:  

This week read, or get the boy/man in your life to read, a chapter of the Bible twice per day with an open heart. The results will amaze you.


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  1. Enjoyed this article. I often think about the young boys today who are constantly being bombarded with “Girls Rule” and other similar messages. What knd of men will they become one day? Do they feel inferior as I’ve yet to see a t-shirt that promotes masculinity?
    Reading the Bible allows us to learn lessons from the greatest Father and Teacher of all!


  2. I like your reasons but I would add a fourth:

    4. To exemplify that your own power is not enough. Throughout the old and new testament men and women are shown to be incapable of true holiness without God acting through them and with them. While you may achieve many things outside of God, the Bible shows how you can become a richer person (spiritually) with him.

    We live in a culture of self empowerment, which is good, but it often becomes self worship and self actualization which means that the weight of any failure draws us further down than it ought to. Jesus wants to help us shoulder our responsibilities but lay down our burdens.

    I don’t think girl power is holding men down, I think attempting to carry our own mountains is holding all of us down.


    1. Valid points and thank you. I love the fact that you’re placing the focus on God and not man. I do notice though that in media and various aspects of society that girls/women are promoted to the point that it excludes boys/ men.

      As an educator I see this trend carrying over to the classroom. Boys are tuning out education because they feel they can’t relate to it. Thankfully educational organizations are realizing this problem but I think it’s too little, too late.

      But you are totally right in that regardless of the gender our focus needs to be on Christ and not ourselves. Thanks for sharing.

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