Why I Write

If I asked a dozen writers why they spend so many hours agonizing over a sentence, or rewriting a chapter for the fifth time, I’m sure that I’d get many wonderful and different answers. My own answer is pretty straightforward: I am a teacher.
Writing allows me to harness the awe-inspiring power of creativity; it allows me to create the ultimate lesson. I can breathe life into fictitious characters, create a compelling story-line and then-poof! a lesson that just might alter a reader’s life for the better is born.
Our modern world doesn’t allow people to sit at and elder’s feet and learn wisdom as was the case in ages past. But telling a powerful story replete with vivid imagery, nail-biting tension, action and romance gives me the room to share life-changing Scriptural truths with the world.
I spend hours researching family lineages and historical sites when writing historical fiction. My work as a French teacher has made me intimately familiar with the history of the lives that ripped France out of the cloth of obscurity. My love for Jesus Christ gives me a reason to live. I combine my passion for history, French and the Savior of the world to create realistic characters that face the same challenges that you do.
That’s why I write: for you.
Read. Learn. Grow. Teach. And above all: love.
-JP Robinson

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