Diamonds, Gardens & Relationships

Now I know it’s a little late on Valentine’s Day to write this post but I’ve been super busy-it’s tax season in the USA and…well..I’m sure if you’re a taxpayer you understand! 🙂 The big question is:

What do diamonds, gardens and relationships have in common?

The answer to this critical question is a simple one-word noun: cultivation. Diamonds and relationships are both valuable, with the latter being much more of a treasure than the former, however both diamonds and relationships need to be cultivated-much like the soil of a garden-to show their true beauty.

If you’ve ever grown a successful garden, you probably have quickly realized that it takes gardenwork-a lot of work. Sweat and dirt intertwine on your grimy forehead and you are quickly attacked by flies, bugs and earthworms. The results though are quickly felt when you sit down to eat a home-made pizza that’s is adorned with tomatoes that you grew yourself! That’s when everything pays off.

The same is true of relationships. 

Sadly, our world of hustle and bustle doesn’t place much value upon relationships-although it does upon diamonds. Time seems to be such a short commodity as we throw ourselves wholeheartedly into the narrow-minded monotony of careers and the exhilarating feel of paying our bills. The true treasure of spending time with our spouse, children and family; the value of investing or cultivating these relationships is often lost and we end up richer in dollars but poorer in the thing that matters most: a loving relationship.

Now to the diamonds. 

No matter how much potential beauty a diamond holds, it must be cut and shaped for its true fire to dazzle the eyes of the viewer. The same can be said of a great relationship. A father must form a relationship with his son or daughter; he must tear himself away from providing in order to let the world see the true beauty that fatherhood offers. A wife must pull away from being “Supermom” to demonstrate the amazing brilliance that comes with really focusing on meeting her husband’s needs.

Is it easy? No but neither is growing a successful garden.

Is it fun? It can be. That depends on how much work needs to be done in your particular case.

Is it worth it? Absolutely. Every diamond is worth its value, every garden is worth the
effort and every good relationship is simply…..priceless.


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JP Robinson


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