Happy Notes!

About two weeks ago my family and I were getting ready for our commute home from church when my daughter blurted out: “Are we going to Aunty Esther’s house?”

We had made no plans to do so but when she made the suggestion, I thought: what a great idea! So we called my aunt and asked if she had enough food for us all-of course she did, she’s Aunt Esther-and we meandered over to her home.

Looking back, I think the Lord had a hand in it all and here’s one of the reasons why. My wife was glancing around my aunt’s small but homey kitchen and she remarked on a calendar that was covered with writing-my aunt’s writing.

There were no appointments or things to remember, rather she had written encouraging notes -get this part-to herself!

“Remember, Esther, you are a CHILD OF THE KING!”

“This is the day that the Lord has made!” “Be happy!” “Every day is a good day!”

While I may not have the exact words she wrote memorized, the effect of those words is burned in my heart. She faces unique challenges and rather than simply buy inspirational plaques or worse, face each day with a gloomy outlook, she inspires herself by writing something personal to her on the calendar where she’ll see it before beginning her day.

What a great lesson for us all!everything-with-love-sticky

I remember repeatedly telling my kids before school: “a great day starts with a great attitude” and we can nurture the right attitude by simply reminding ourself of how special we are to God by putting His words in our own words.

Write yourself a sticky note with a preferred Scripture; leave a smiley face for your husband or your kids reminding them of how special they are to God and to you. It’s amazing how powerful the right words can be.

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Thanks as always,

JP Robinson.

“Today’s your day to shine.”



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