Reaching Camp “No Return “

….but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

Joshua 24:15b

This Scripture, like many others, is often quoted but rarely lived. But that sad reality does not take away from the power of this verse.

Ask yourself: what pushed Joshua to make such a no-nonsense, line-in-the-sand statement? If we could put Joshua’s attitude into modern terms,he’s basically saying “whatever you do is up to you but my family and I  choose God.”

After facing innumerable enemies, Joshua was left with a solid conviction: his God was real and he had made up his mind to obey Him no matter what. Joshua had reached what I call Camp No Return. 

Camp No Return  is the point in your life when no one can influence you away from the Truth. The opinions of friends and family are less important than God’s opinion in your eyes.  If this is your state then I have three words for you: Welcome to Camp!

We, like Joshua are called to draw an indelible  spiritual line in the sand of our hearts and minds- a line that puts us, as individuals, on God‘s side. In a world of compromise you become the stable rock of confidence. You are confident that you have made the right choice.

To remain at Camp No Return, we cannot waver or be fickle. This is very hard to do in our society but a man or woman who has a double mind cannot come to camp. In our minds we must be convinced that we are right  and be firmly determined to walk with God-even if we have to walk alone.

What does this mean in every day life? It means that:

  1. God’s opinions as expressed in His Word are your opinions, His thoughts are your thoughts.
  2. You act upon His Word, using it to guide your interactions with others.
  3. You are unmoveable. No one and nothing can make you back up on what you believe.

We have to decide each day if we’ll draw that metaphorical line in the sand.  And each day,Satan will try to get you to cross your own line. As always, the choice is yours. Join me at Camp No Return.



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