Make Revolutions not Resolutions

2010 New Year’s resolution: lose 25 pounds.

2011 New Year’s resolution: lose 25 pounds.

…2016 New Year’s resolution: lose 25 pounds.

2017 New Year’s resolution: lose 25 pounds.

See a pattern?

New Year’s resolutions have the notorious reputation of not getting accomplished. There’s a simple reason why that happens and I guarantee you that it’s a lot bigger than the ball that’s dropped in Times Square.

Our resolutions often fail because we make a commitment in ourselves instead of relying on God to help us. Granted, if our willpower is strong enough we can lose the 25 pounds but what about the bigger goals: rebuilding a marriage, being a godly example for kids or perhaps even achieving something like buying a house?

The truth is that most of the really worthwhile pursuits in life are too big for us to accomplish and as a result we end up with nothing more than the bitter ashes of failure in our hands.

God is not in the resolution business-that’s what human’s do. Correction: that’s what humans try to do.

God does complete overhauls and totally revolutionizes our life.

The Bible is chock full of examples of men and women whose lives were totally remade by one word or act from God.

  • Hannah, a barren wife had her life turned around when she accepted the promise of God.
  • Ruth, a Gentile outcast, experienced the mercy of God’s redemption when true love came her way.
  • Levi, a greedy tax-collector learned what true riches are when Jesus told him to leave all his ill-gotten gains behind.
  • Paul, a zealous church-goer and preacher, got a new mission in life when he actually met the God he had been talking about for years.

In these cases and so many more we see the importance of a revolution not just a resolution.

Being born of God’s spirit makes you a totally brand-new creation. Your life gets a revolution. When you accept what God’s Word says about your particular situation,  your faith will give you the power to rise above whatever obstacles you face.

Pretty powerful huh? 

My post on Dissecting Faith goes into more details on this but in short, whatever your goals are this year, don’t leave them up to yourself. Don’t just try to turn a new page but let God burn the old book of your life. Take His promises into you and they will destroy your resolutions and leave you with a positive revolution.

Happy 2017!

-JP Robinson




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