Picture this:

To celebrate your birthday, your family has given you the gift of an all expense-paid trip to your dream destination. You get to go alone or with your friends. At this moment you’re in the air thinking of all the fun that you’re going to have when there’s a huge explosion in the tail-end of the plane. There’s been no warning,and there’s no chance to prepare. The plane nosedives from 30,000 feet towards the ocean’s watery depths below.

You have 30 seconds until you die.

What thought’s are going through your head? The money you never got to make? The marriage and  kids you never got to have? Maybe, “am I going to heaven or hell?” 

There could be a million thoughts that zoom across a person’s consciousness in the seconds before he or she dies but there is one that I’d like to focus on:

What did I do with my life?

I admit, the picture that I’ve painted is disturbing but I want it to disturb you. There are millions and perhaps billions of people who are  perhaps months, weeks, days or seconds away from drawing their last breath and yet they have no idea what their purpose is.

Not many can say like Jesus Christ in John 17:4,

I have glorified thee on the earth: I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do.”

The goal of your life is not the pursuit of your own pleasure; it is not finding the “ultimate job/spouse etc..”; it is not “beating the next level of “X” game. It is a unique responsibility that God Himself has charted for you to fulfill. No one else can take your place and if your work is not completed then all humanity suffers. 

Imagine for one moment just how horrible life would have been if Jesus Christ did not fulfill the work that He was sent to do? There would be no hope of a resurrection; there would be no promise of a Heaven!

While we do not have to atone for man’s sins, we each nonetheless have a specific path that God wants us to follow. When we follow that path and accomplish His work, it brings a contentment and a peace like nothing else can do. The road is probably not going to be an easy one (was Calvary easy?) and I think that suffering is good for the Christian experience.

The one thing we can know for sure is that once God’s purpose for our life is revealed to us, our whole attitude towards life changes. Our world is full of violence and life is uncertain. Every day suicide bombers are killing, shooters are going on random slaughter sprees; you want to know that you have done whatever God has called you to do with whatever time He has given you.

So here’s the next question: How do I find out my purpose?

Join me next time to find out!

-JP Robinson



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