How Sacred is Your Marriage?


True or False: You believe that your marriage is sacred?

Today I saw the word sacred as a prompt for the Daily Post and among my first thoughts was the word: marriage.  There has probably been no subject as controversial in modern times as that eight-letter, bi-syllabic word. While we humans have made it a subject of dispute, in the lens of God’s Word, marriage stands as the ultimate union of man and woman in an indissoluble bond. defines the word sacred in many ways, one of which is:

…secured against violation, infringement, etc., as by reverence or sense of right:


No one will want to have a marriage that is tarnished by infidelity, or hurt but very few people take the time to make their relationship “betrayal-proof.” Part of that “betrayal-proofing” lies in believing that your relationship is sacred.

If you think of your marriage as sacred, your entire approach to your husband/wife will radically shift. If you can convince your husband/wife that your union is sacred, your relationship will soar.  Our world is loaded with discontented people who have unlimited opportunities for emotional, mental and sexual infidelity. Careers and personal ambition often create a sense of  spiritual disconnect from our spouse. With this kind of opposition, every couple needs to see their union as a sacred blessing and responsibility that they have received.

When we see our marriage as sacred, it surpasses our obligations to our careers and even to ourselves: now we become committed to building something much better and much higher than anything we could have achieved on our own. If you just see your marriage as another part of your life, take a fresh look at the ring on your finger. It’s a circle which symbolizes an eternal bond between you and your husband or wife. That circle shuts everyone else out and closes you both in. That circle unites two hearts as one and that unity is in itself sacred.

Talk to your mate. Tell him/her: “I see our union as sacred. Do you?” Let that get the dialogue going and let me know what happens next. Chances are, you’ll be wearing a smile that’ll be bigger than the Grand Canyon.



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