Stumbling Blocks or Stepping Stones?

A few months ago, my family and I went on a vacation to a remote part of Maryland. I loved the scenery, the woods and our cabin. It was an experience to remember!

It was in the midst of all of the greenery and the tranquil surroundings that I almost died. Obviously, since I’m writing this post, the story has a happy ending but while I almost lost my life I also gained some powerful insight by the events that happened in that shallow creek near Swallow Falls.

I am in love with good photography of nature scenes and I’ve always wanted to get a Nikon 3300. Unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet, but hey, one day! Anyhow, I really wanted to catch some key shots of the Swallow Falls chutes and so I left my kids with my wife and jumped down into the middle of the creek.

Big mistake.

The current isn’t too strong at this part of the falls but there have been several deaths, apparently due to the slippery rock surfaces. I’m pretty athletic and didn’t anticipate any problems climbing down or up but boy was I surprised!

I knew the rocks would be smooth but I didn’t expect them to be  that smooth! With my kids (and wife) looking on, I slipped and fell on my bottom. I quickly jumped up and tried to make it look as though I had planned that embarrassing moment but I wasn’t able to fool my family who had seen every move. 🙂

Well I got my pictures and finally made it back to the safety of the bank but I learned a valuable lesson. Those stones that could’ve cost me my life, were the same stones that I used to get back to safety. I think we can learn a valuable lesson here. Our words can be stepping stones that help push someone higher in God, further along the road of life or they can be the very things that push someone towards their own destruction.

So what makes the difference? What determines whether we’re throwing out stepping stones or stumbling blocks? The short answer is if our words reflect the Word of God.

In his sermon entitled Hebrews Chapter Four, Rev. William Branham made a profound statement:

“Don’t profess a Christian, live something else; you’re the biggest stumbling block the world has ever had. If you’re a sinner, admit it and, go on, get right with God. If you’re a Christian, hold fast your confession, stay there.”

We see then that if our words (and ultimately our actions) are not in harmony with what God says or does then we’re really throwing a stumbling block before somebody else. On the other hand, if we humbly use our words and our deeds in a way that reflects Christ’s words or actions, we’re laying a stepping stone that can lead someone else to the safety of the Other Shore.

What are you laying today? Build a bridge to safety for someone else and make time to lay down some solid stepping stones. 


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