How 3.5 seconds changed my life

I stood outside the door of her classroom, trying to leave but unable to pull away. I was going to be late if I didn’t hurry but it was alright- I knew she’d give me a pass. What she was about to say was too important to miss. I had to hear it, had to know what secrets would slip from between those crinkled lips and bury themselves into my heart.

Finally they came. Three and-a-half seconds of audible gold. “Write, Joseph,” she said. “Write to change the world.”

Seventeen years later I’m finally taking my English teacher up on her advice. I don’t know if Mrs. Gravino is still  teaching in New York or if she’s passed from this life into the next. Either way the end-product is the same: the greatest lesson that she ever taught was delivered in 3.5 seconds to a poor kid who carried his mother’s pink Bible to school every day. I was that kid and now I’m writing to show that I learned my lesson well.

Welcome everyone to my blog: Each week I’ll post a short article that will help you navigate the detours, traffic jams and dead-ends of life. I’ll also share thoughts that will encourage u-turns from time to time.

Lastly, I’ll post updates on my debut novel that I’m sure is going to be a smashing success and should be going to print in 2017. Stay with me to experience the power of the Word. 




  1. Wow! Really enjoyed reading this. I, too, was encouraged and inspired by my teacher and to this day… forever thankful for her believing in me.
    I look forward to following each of your posts!😃


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