How 3.5 seconds changed my life

I stood outside the door of her classroom, trying to leave but unable to pull away. I was going to be late if I didn’t hurry but it was alright- I knew she’d give me a pass. What she was about to say was too important to miss. I had to hear it, had to know what secrets would slip from between those crinkled lips and bury themselves into my heart.

Finally they came. Three and-a-half seconds of audible gold. “Write, Joseph,” she said. “Write to change the world.”

Seventeen years later I’m finally taking my English teacher up on her advice. I don’t know if Mrs. Gravino is still  teaching in New York or if she’s passed from this life into the next. Either way the end-product is the same: the greatest lesson that she ever taught was delivered in 3.5 seconds to a poor kid who carried his mother’s pink Bible to school every day. I was that kid and now I’m writing to show that I learned my lesson well.

Welcome everyone to my blog: Each week I’ll post a short article that will help you navigate the detours, traffic jams and dead-ends of life. I’ll also share thoughts that will encourage u-turns from time to time.

Lastly, I’ll post updates on my debut novel that I’m sure is going to be a smashing success and should be going to print in 2017. Stay with me to experience the power of the Word. 

-JP Robinson



  1. Wow! Really enjoyed reading this. I, too, was encouraged and inspired by my teacher and to this day… forever thankful for her believing in me.
    I look forward to following each of your posts!😃


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